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Easily install a natural gas patio heater and add comfort to cooler evenings and extended seasons.

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Natural gas patio heaters are noted by gas companies as being efficient. They use infra-red burners to create warmth similar to the sun's rays. The infra-red heat warms only people and objects around it and not the air in between. No heat is wasted, and save your wood for patio firepits.

It taps into the gas used in your home to fuel appliances like your stove or gas grill. This means installation is easy if you already use one of these items.

Gas patio heaters are usually between six and eight feet tall. There is a burner that is mounted to the top and is covered by a reflector that guides the heat down and toward the patio. The gas patio heaters will warm an area that is approximately in a twenty foot circumference.

Choose from two different gas patio heater installation methods:

Mounted Gas Patio Heaters

This is a permanent fixture to your outdoor environment. It is connected to a steel gas line, similar to one used for a gas burning fireplace.

 Patio  Heaters

Gas Line Hose Connecting Patio Heaters

This installation type lets the patio heater be more mobile. It connects through a "flexible appliance hose". This is more appropriate if you feel you will want to direct the heat in various places.



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