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Great warm weather and all season patio ideas create new outdoor living and entertainment possibilities, take advantage of "extra" space, and improve home values.

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Patio Design Idea – The Perfect Outdoor Room. The Great Outdoors is no longer the haven of millions of blood sucking mosquitoes, or tiny swarms of gnats or even unpleasant shifts in the weather to send you packing indoors. Closed-in outdoor rooms combine the el fresco open air ambience of natural sunlight, trees and shrubs with all the creature comfort furnishings, lighting and entertainment options found indoors.

* Adding Lighting And Music – A Great Backyard Patio Idea. The absence of walls is the only difference separating contemporary outdoor rooms from their indoor brethren. Run insulated and grounded power to your outdoor room. You'll need a separate 15 - 20amp dedicated line, with 2 – 4 outlets in your outdoor room, to run lights, your music system along with a small drink fridge or even a DVD-TV set up.

* Furnishings And Fittings For The Outdoor Room. Unless you expect weather to come in sideways, your patio idea incorporating a new outdoor room can rely upon full-sized comfy chairs, side tables, reading lamps and area rugs.

* Natural Materials For The Outdoor Room. Exposed timber, simple netting screens and/or optional replacement glass for cold weather use elevate the design statement for this outdoor patio idea.

Deck Patio Ideas . Earth tone colors, long life, low maintenance, plus all types of deck lighting possibilities, and more from the new generation of patio deck ideas perfect for fair weather entertaining.

* Cool Contemporary Shapes And Layout. Inspired patio deck ideas integrate both regular and irregular shapes to echo the surrounding landscape contour which may include stone, trees or other natural objects or even sculpture.

Backyard Patio Ideas

* Decking Materials. A great patio deck idea just got better! Consider using long life low maintenance composite decking materials for your deck surface ... deck stairs ... deck railing. Create a multi-tone designer impact by alternating complementary colors between treads and risers or deck rails. Also deck lighting possibilities include recessed deck light as well as solar deck lighting.

Landscape Patio Ideas. Bring Mother Nature around and onto your new patio deck. Large planter urns highlight long runs or frame your deck stairs. Deck planter boxes can be installed with simple clip-latch designs directly onto your deck railings so that you can showcase flowers or even herbs for easy access to your kitchen. Meanwhile, garden and lawn paths can "amble" with curves, small bench and display points, utilize flagstone and weathered timber to frame plantings. Result? The entire outdoor space communicates a welcoming textured aesthetic experience for family or guests!


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