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A deck lighting system will make your deck more useful after the sun sets, add security, and create many different moods.

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Types of Deck Lighting:

  • Staircases and walkways should be well lit for safety reasons. Practical ideas for this type of deck lighting are path lights, brick lights, and deck railing fixture lights. These types of deck lighting will provide required amounts of illumination, yet are unobtrusive.
  • Accent lighting should be used to raise awareness of focal points. Perhaps you have a favorite planting, or a statue that visitors or passers by should take notice. An in ground light or spotlight would be just right for this. Be careful that spot lights are not too bright and are fitting within light pollution restrictions. (Find out about light pollution restrictions in your area by visiting )
  • Task Lighting: This type of deck lighting should be used to illuminate an area for a specific function or task. This may include a food preparation area. This type of lighting should be on a separate control than the other deck lighting so that when the task is complete, the lights can be turned off. Pool deck lighting should be brighter like task lighting for safety reasons.

Deck Lighting

The fixtures you select should compliment your home's style. For a more traditional home you may choose antique finished fixtures. For more modern styles you may go with brushed metal fixtures. These are merely suggestions; do not limit your options.




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