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Once the deck is built, a deck planter will dress it up, give it character, and possibly add a sense of privacy. Deck accessories such as deck planters and deck boxes are a necessity for charm, character, and style.
Overwhelming are the possibilities of what can be done with a deck planter.

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So many different styles to work with, and choose from, some of them include:

Hanging Planter : Mounted to the wall, or slung over a hook. Spider plants and other plants that droop downward look excellent in this style of planter.

  • Box Deck Planter : These are made to sit on the ground and rise up to about the deck railing height. Perfect for flowers and small plants depending on the sunlight the plant needs and your deck receives.
  • Plastic Planter: Sometimes these planters cannot hold up to the environment ... check with your local garden center to see if the plastic can withstand the heat of the sun and all other weather conditions normal to your area.
  • Wood Planter: This type of planter is most recommended by gardeners. They do say that certain types of wood are better than others. These types include redwood, cypress, and cedar because they are not damaged by watering your plants and flowers as others may be.

Deck Planters

A million and one things can be done with a deck planter. Flowers and plants create a homey environment. They provide a sense of health and wealth. Rich with oxygen and always growing, a deck planter reminds us of the cycles and miracles of life.

Breathe new life into your old deck with a deck planter. Maybe you want to build one yourself. There are many websites that offer these instructions in a step-by-step format.

Deck planters can be permanently built into your deck, or they can be removed for harsh weather. Store it in your deck box.


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