Stone Patios - Building a Stone Patio With Flagstone Patio Pavers

Patio stones are a popular choice for homeowners and builders because they are inexpensive and easy to install. Consider building stone patios to enrich the beauty of your home's outside environment.

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Stepping stones meander through gardens to stone patios creating a landscaper's masterpiece. Flags and slabs are terms used to describe the materials that make up stone patios. They are usually flat and square or rectangular blocks of pressed concrete. They are sometimes referred to as patio pavers. The sizes of patio stones vary in size and thickness.

At one time stone patios were only grey or darker grey but now there is a broad range of colors available, making it easier to build one that will blend with the colors of your garden and home. Patterns of different colors are often used to accentuate the already existing hues.

Stone Patios

Stone patios can be made with varying surface textures. Some are smooth and flat while chipped or split stones offer a rougher more rugged plane.

Using different materials to create your stone patio's edging is a popular building technique. Edging can be constructed out of wood, bricks, or aluminum.

Sitting among your garden will be even more enjoyable when resting on a stone patio. Decorate it with wicker or aluminum patio furniture. The furniture you choose will set the scene for entertaining or relaxing in solitude.




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