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A deck box can be used for a number of things. Versatile in its functions, a deck box will be the most used addition to any deck. This is a necessary deck accessory that provides a great place for storing pool equipment such as rafts, balls, nets and more.

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Have small children pick up their toys and other belongings and put them neatly away.

Protect patio furniture cushions from sun and weather damage by storing them in the deck box when not in use.

Garden tools will fit nicely in the deck box or even use it to store the garden hose. Keeping supplies stowed away will provide a neater, cleaner, entertaining or working space.

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Most are made strong enough to be used as additional seating when needed. Some are even sold with cushions already on them as benches would.

Available in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes, finding one that suits your outdoor needs will be no difficult task. The materials used to make deck boxes are plastic, cedar, other woods, and combinations of wood and plastic much like composite decking, and many more.

A popular brand name is the Rubbermaid deck boxes, available in several size options and a few different lid options.

Give your deck character and provide additional seating with a storage box today.


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