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After purchasing an outdoor patio swing with canopy, maintain the swing’s function and safety with minimal upkeep. It is easy to assemble a lawn swing and then expect it to work effectively for years. One loose or worn bolt or nut can ruin a relaxing summer’s day.

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Lawn swings provide relaxing nooks for reading or watching the children play. Make sure your lawn or garden swing is safe for you, your children and guests. Inspect the hardware, seating surface and canopy on your outdoor garden swing at least twice a season.

Periodic Hardware Inspections

Nuts, bolts, screws and braces hold all patio swings with canopy together. If one bolt falls out, the patio swing could fall apart causing injury to its user. At the beginning of the season, inspect the hardware on your patio swing for rust or wear. If any bolts or nuts appear loose, use the proper tool to tighten them.

Don’t overlook the screws that hold wooden slats on the seat in place or the hardware that holds the canopy in place. If the framing on a patio swing with canopy falls down while in use, it may cause head or facial injuries, especially with heavier framing like wood or metal.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning off dust and pollen from a garden swing prevents mildew growth. Mildew leads to wood rot on wooden sets and wears out canopies quickly. Use a simple solution of bleach with water or vinegar with water to clean off all patio swing with canopy surfaces. A mixture of 1/4 cup of bleach or vinegar to one gallon of water works well. Dry all surfaces thoroughly after cleaning.

Patio Swing

Check Framing for Wear

Most patio swings are made from wood, metal or plastic. In extremely cold weather, plastic framing might crack. Metal framing rusts over time. Wood framing is usually the sturdiest, but even wood can crack, rot or warp. Look over the framing and make sure that everything is solid. If there are warn parts, replace them before using the patio swing with canopy.


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