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Shade is optional with patio umbrellas. Choose to soak up the rays, or choose to avoid them. An umbrella may be a focal point that gives the patio or deck character while warding off falling leaves and unwanted sun.

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Some people prefer this option to permanent covers or awnings, and reasonably so.

When deciding on what shade options best suit the deck user's needs consider this first:
Direction Deck or Patio Faces: This determines how much sun the patio will be exposed to throughout a day and whether or not a patio umbrella will provide the appropriate amount of shade.

  • Facing South: Direct sunlight most of the day.
  • Facing East: Morning sun.
  • Facing West: Afternoon Sun.
  • Facing North: Indirect Sunlight.

A multitude of fabrics, colors, and styles are available and can be overwhelming when the search for a patio umbrella begins. The style of the umbrella will distinctly create the ambience of your patio or deck. The style differences will be as great as the difference between Madrid and Beijing.

Keep the style of the home and the outdoor environment in mind. Some choose to plan their patio furniture around the umbrella or vice versa. To be certain the patio furniture matches the umbrella, consider buying them as a set.

Patio Umbrella

When purchasing a patio umbrella, decide if it will be part of a table, or if it should be mobile. Find patio umbrella parts such as stands and poles that will make it easy to move around. This is especially important for people with patios or decks that face south. As the sun moves, so will the umbrella.

One company, Backyard City even makes what they call "offset umbrellas". These umbrellas are different because they do not have center poles, can be rotated even horizontally, and they rotate 360 degrees. Check out these and many other patio umbrella ideas online.

When deck umbrellas were first made they were constructed of aluminum poles and spokes, but now the options have expanded beyond these horizons. Find them with wooden, brass, even powder coated metals offered in numerous colors. Rest assured there will be an umbrella to suit the design needs of any patio. In fact, one can be custom ordered and made.


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