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Beautifully woven wicker patio furniture is a favored look for the outdoor décor. If this is the style you like best, be sure the wicker patio furniture you purchase is made for year-round use. Check that it is made of a latex-coated fiber wrapped around stainless steel instead of the traditional rattan, cane, reed, willow, and raffia if used outdoors.

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Materials Used in Wicker Patio Furniture Fabrication

There are several materials used to create wicker patio furniture. Rattan, cane, bamboo, reed and willow are several. Rattan is a solid core vine from the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. Cane is the stem of a matured rattan vine. Reed is woven swamp grasses. Wicker is made by combining and weaving these and other plant materials together.

These traditional materials are excellent for sunrooms or screened in areas that will be left unscathed in thunderstorms.

The traditional materials are not ideal for outdoor use because they are fragile and will not stand up to harsh rains and other weather conditions. Resin wicker is stronger but should still not be used if exposed to the outdoors.

Wicker Patio  Furniture

Caring for wicker patio furniture should be done with caution. Avoid cleansers that are made up of abrasive powders. Use soft cloths instead of scrub brushes. These things will scratch and damage the finish.

Almost any piece of furniture is available in wicker. Rocking chairs, dining chairs and table sets, love seats, and coffee tables. Bring out the colors of your garden with matching patio furniture cushions.

Wicker patio furniture has been used since the late 1800s and is still a popular choice today.




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