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Backyard renovations of patio decking is growing popular fast. Because of its ability to transform once unusable areas into outdoor refuge, people are choosing this for their ideal landscaping design.

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Patio decking has become some people's first choice due to the materials being relatively affordable. Wood is less expensive than other patio materials, such as paving stones or bricks, and is even more comfortable to walk upon.

The advantage of using patio decking over other building materials is the site does not have to be level. The frames and structure of the decking can be built in different lengths to accommodate uneven grounds while making the deck's surface an even grade.

Patio Decking

Common woods used for patio decking are red cedar, cypress, redwood, and pressure-treated pine. To determine which lumber will best suit your needs, consider your finances, and weather conditions.

Least expensive wood for patio decking would be pressure-treated. They are available in green and brown but they are more likely to splinter than non-treated woods. Cedar and redwood are very durable lumbers. They are both more attractive than pressure-treated but they are also more likely to rot if they are in hot humid climates. Pressure treated lumber is recommended for this type of weather.

Some people choose to enhance the beauty of a concrete patio with decking materials. Just simply laying some boards down on top will create a softer, more finished look.




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