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A basic patio design will incorporate patio materials, landscape design, and minor furnishing details into an extended living area amongst the outdoors. This page provides suggestions for developing the perfect patio plan.

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Consider the already present textures of your lawn and garden when choosing which materials to use for your patio design. Remember that you can use only one material or combine several for a unique patio design. Many people decide to pave, others choose to use bricks, stones, or tiles. The patio material you select should be complimentary to the home and landscape.

Patio Design Tips

  • Low maintenance is first on the tip list. Consider cleaning processes and repair possibilities. The cost of maintenance over time should be included in the budgeting aspect of your patio design.
  • Location. This is the key to comfort when on the patio. Southern placements are ideal because the sun will warm the patio without over exposure. Is the patio going to be an extension of the house, or be a solitary structure in your landscape? Are you building it to accompany the pool or hot tub? All of these things should be determined before deciding on materials.
  • Shape your patio design. Commonly people build square or rectangular patios, but patios designed in geometric shapes or with curves will create character, not to mention easily fits into awkward spaces.
  • Be sure your patio is on even grounds, or at least the grade of the patio is level.

    Patio Design

  • Collect resources from libraries and home centers and cross reference them for a thorough understanding of patio designs and construction.
  • Determine if you are going to construct the patio yourself, or hire a contractor to assemble your outdoor retreat space. This may be easily determined by the amount of time you have available, and also the amount of money in your budget.
  • Decide whether or not to build a patio cover, have an open patio, or use retractable awnings for more versatile use. This decision could ride heavily on where the patio is located. If it is an extension of the house, a patio cover is easier to add. If it stands alone in the center of your landscape an open patio may be more fitting. If shade is of importance to you, consider adding a pergola or trellis.
The aforementioned suggestions are the key to beginning your patio design. However it is recommended you review several resources before putting your plan in motion. With effective, careful planning a retreat at home awaits.


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