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Building a Pergola? Designs and plans for these structures are easily found online. Adding a pergola will add style, elegance, and comfort to any outdoor environment deck or patio. A serene, inviting sanctuary found right outside the door. There are many different styles of pergola designs.

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Pergola Design Styles

  • Colonade (Passageways/Walkways)
  • Freestanding
  • Oriental
  • Pool Side
  • Roman
  • Rooftop
  • Patio Pergolas

Pergola Designs and Plans Preparation:

  • Be sure to view the site from all areas it will be seen before settling on your site. Take note of any view it may obstruct.
  • Clear weeds, grass, and all other plant life where the structure is being built.
  • Make sure the ground of the site is even. This is not a problem if you are adding a pergola to a deck or patio.

These few preparation steps will save a lot of hassle in the long run, if you are building the pergola yourself.

Many companies offer printed pergola plans that provide lists of materials needed and more. Most of these manufacturers offer supplies and contractors to come and build the pergola. Deciding to hire a contractor has some advantages: the pergola will be built correctly, will surely add value to the property, and will be long standing.

A pergola kit is also an option worth looking into, and is available through many different manufacturers. Most pergola kits come with the supplies and detailed instructions. Build one over a weekend or two and you can take all the credit.


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