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Adding a pool deck to your swimming area will create an environment for all kinds of outdoor activity. This online resource will provide tips on planning your pool deck design.

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With all of the different materials and layouts available you could become easily overwhelmed. Here you will find a few things to consider before you order supplies or call the contractor.

Pool Deck and Hot Tub Deck Recommendations

  • Location! Location! Location! It is very important where your pool is located on the property and the pattern of the sun throughout the day. The sun's patterns will have direct effect on the types of materials you use when building your pool deck. Some materials tend to absorb heat more than others. Flagstone, being one of them, would only be appropriate for pool decks that are protected from the sun's hottest points. Consider neighbor's views as well as what you will be looking toward when sunbathing or laying on the deck. These are all important factors in the deck design process.
  • The Size and Shape of the Pool! Your pool deck is designated to make the pool or hot tub more accessible and complement the surrounding area. The deck should correspond with the pool's measurements and shape.
  • Choosing the decking material for your swimming pool deck depends on many different things. Where in the world do you live? How much traffic or wear and tear will it ensue? How much maintenance or time do you want to spend caring for your pool deck? There are many different materials from which to choose. These include poured concrete, exposed aggregate, brick pavers, tiles and more. For above ground swimming pool decks consider wood or aluminum for building equipment. These same material options exist for Spa decks.

  • Contractor or Do it Yourself? You may save initial costs by building the pool deck yourself, but it may work out that in the long run hiring a contractor will save you money because an experienced builder can get it done correctly. You will have to decide for yourself if you feel you are competent or not.

Pool Deck

These are all things that should help you get started in designing your deck for your pool or hot tub. There is a great amount of information out there to help you make the decisions that best suit your needs and style. To find more information contact your local home center or a manufacturer of decking materials and your questions will be answered.

Most importantly, once the pool deck is finished, enjoy your time outside in your new environment. You will find you don't need to go very far from home to feel like you are on a vacation, just walk outside your home and it is there waiting for you.



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