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Learn how patio swing cushions turn your backyard patio into a stunning, designer retreat. When spring arrives, people want to get outdoors and enjoy the warm, sunny weather. Having an attractive outdoor living space is key. You need an atmosphere that draws you in and makes you want to stick around.

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By using patio swing cushions on your outdoor garden swings, you add eye appeal and meld your patio or deck area with the beauty of your flowers, bushes and trees.

Choosing a Color Theme

Some people love a multitude of colors in their backyard gardens and patios. Many fabrics covering a patio swing cushion come in a wide array of patterns. Mix them up and go for a look that suits you.

One of the best ways to add value to your property and increase the attractiveness of your backyard garden is by matching the cushions on your lawn swing with the flowers around it. If purple is the dominant color in your flowerbeds, go for purple outdoor garden swing cushions.

Pick Color Schemes that Match your Needs

Generally, the colors of your patio swing cushions have the power to enhance your mood. Research shows that specific colors energize people while others relax them. You can create ambiance in your garden by coming up with a color scheme that matches your intended use of the backyard area where the lawn swing is located.

Porch Cushions

In the book The Power of Color, Dr. Morton Walker breaks down what feelings and moods different colors impart.

Black – Tranquility
Blue – Peace
Brown - Security
Green – Renewal
Orange – Vibrancy
Pink - Romance
Purple – Royalty
Red – Love
White – Purity
Yellow – Happiness

Imagine the Possibilities

In terms of relaxation, blue and green are the best colors to choose. You can create a relaxing backyard space by planting a variety of blue flowers-hydrangea, morning glories, bluebells, hyacinth and blue irises create dazzling blue gardens. Now, top your garden swing seat with a blue cushion. Add green throw pillows and you’re all set. You have a cozy spot for relaxing after a busy workday

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