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A porch swing frame provides a safe, appealing stand for a comfortable deck or patio swing. Yet, porch swing frames are expensive, often costing well over $100. Anyone with the skill to use a few power tools can easily build a porch swing frame. All you need are a few supplies, the hardware and the lumber.

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Start by purchasing your outdoor porch swing frame plans. has great plans for a garden swing frame.

The best lumber for an outdoor garden swing and matching porch swing frame is cedar. Cedar resists rain and snow, as well as insects. You’ll have a frame that lasts a long time, doesn’t warp or rot and looks great.

You can use pine as a suitable alternative, but remember that you need to add waterproofing sealants or stains. Pine soaks up water if left untreated aiding decay and rot.

Use 4 by 4 boards for strength. Look for 4 by 4s that contain few, if any knots, are straight and do not have cracks or chips. If the board does have knots, they must be small. Large knots weaken a beam.

While some find it less expensive to place 2 by 4s side by side, you lose strength. The porch swing frame that might have supported 600 pounds, may only handle 300 pounds before bending or snapping.

Purchasing the Inventory

You will need five 4 by 4s that are at least ten feet long. Most outdoor bench swings are six feet in length, and you need space on the sides for the swing to move. Take down measurements and make sure you have extra lumber on hand for mistakes.

When purchasing hardware for your porch swing frame, pick stainless steel components. Many hardware stores sell the less expensive aluminum nails, screws and bolts, but they are not sturdy enough for outdoor swing use. You want a secure porch swing frame, so be sure to spend the extra money.

Porch Swing Frame

Tackling the Swing Frame Building Project

Follow your building plans and make sure you tighten your hardware completely. A loose nut or bolt leads to an unsafe garden swing.

It will take time to build your porch swing frame. By taking your time and avoiding a rush job, you end up with a solid frame that you can be proud of.


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