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The overall look of a hanging porch swing depends on your needs and aesthetic demands. Some people prefer the look of wood, while others prefer hammock type porch swings that require little space for winter storage.

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Any hanging outdoor garden swing creates a comfortable spot for relaxation on your front or back porch. However, not all porch swings meet the same needs. Some are designed for two people, others three. Make sure you know exactly what you will need before you purchase any hanging porch swings.

1. Sticking to Weight Limits

Before deciding on a model and manufacturer, consider who will use the hanging porch swing. For a three-person swing, add up the heaviest possibilities and use that weight as a guideline. It is good to add a few extra pounds to your estimate covering the weight of clothing, drinks and weight gain that happens, especially in growing children.

2. Choosing the Hanging Porch Swing’s Material

Hanging porch swings may be crafted from wood, metal, canvas or even plastic. Wooden porch swings have a classic country look, but plastic is easier to keep clean. Metal porch swings have a nice European flair, but usually have lower weight limits; therefore, choose them carefully. Canvas and rope hammock porch swings are gaining ground. Like metal, they have lower weight limits, but they are lightweight and take up very little room for winter storage.

3. Consider Chain or Rope Hanging

Many of today’s best hanging porch swings come with metal chains for hanging, but some have rope. With metal chains, children may end up pinching their fingers as the chain moves back and forth. Rope is a nice option, but it wears more quickly because it is prone to developing mildew.

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4. Comfort is Important

Wooden hanging porch swings look beautiful, but they may not be the most comfortable option. Look for models that fit pillows. Pillow covered seats add to the users comfort level ensuring the swing gets plenty of use. Many porch swing options offer pillows as an accessory, but canvas models are less likely to consider adding this beneficial padding in the seating area.

5. Upgrade your Porch Swing’s Hardware

Standard hardware helps hold your swing in place, but it doesn’t allow for sudden motion. Suspension springs and swivel hangers ensure a more comfortable swinging experience. They absorb bounces and jerky movements allowing you to enjoy your hanging porch swing in the utmost of comfort.

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