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A PVCu conservatory is the same thing as a UPVC conservatory. There are many different ways to refer to this but essentially it is all the same material.

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A UPVC conservatory is growing fast in popularity. This material requires very little maintenance and is available at very low costs.

This material is mostly available in the colour white, but is also found in wood grain patterns. There are several different types of hardwood conservatory impressions available such as mahogany or oak.

Most UPVC conservatories are unharmed by overexposure to the sun, or even harsh weather conditions. You will find very little mention of any discolouration complaints.

When planning a DIY conservatory, never purchase supplies without first inquiring a few things. Ask your supplier for information regarding the PVCu conservatory framework's thickness. This is very important to your structure's strength. Strength will determine the lifespan of your conservatory.

PVCu is one of the most popular conservatory building materials available, because it offers optimal insulation, and is inexpensive.


There are a few disadvantages to this material, however. It does not have the classic traditional appearance of the original conservatories. For more authentic bespoke conservatories, it is recommended to use another material.




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