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When planning your deck railing design, keep in mind style and function. This is the part of your deck that will keep your friends and family safe, but will also create an aesthetically pleasing view for on-lookers.

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One thing to always remember is that your deck railing design may be the key to bringing vitality and beauty to your deck. These are the things that make your deck stand out from your neighbor's. This is what gives your deck its character, and one item that will really accentuate the beauty of your estate.

The deck railing design is also the most visible part of your deck. When you look at a deck, take notice of the first thing your eyes are drawn to, you will probably discover your eyes lead you directly to the railings. Take time, and careful planning with this aspect of your deck. Let this be a creative outlet for you.

Deck Railing

The material used to build the deck's surface does NOT have to be the same for your railings. In fact you could use two different types of wood, or use aluminum railings or even vinyl. You could use a more expensive wood for the deck's structure and a less expensive wood for the railings if you wish to paint or create your own deck railing design.

One manufacturer that has great ideas for deck railing designs, and even offers kits, is Deckorators™. Visit their website to find out more about their railings and balusters, or just to view some different styles in their photo gallery.

Function is Safety

Your deck railing design should have your local building codes and requirements in compliance. Most commonly deck railing height and the space between each railing is where these codes place their focus, ensuring deck user's safety.

Deck railing height should be no shorter than 36" tall, and the space between should be no more than 6" in most areas. This is just an example of what to expect. You will still want to check with your local building department to be sure your deck railing design is within their range.

As you can see there is much you can do with deck railing designs. From using different materials such as; glass railings, a different type of lumber, or even wrought iron railings. You can express yourself, accentuate the style of your home, and secure your deck's safety. All you need is a plan to follow.


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