Deck Railing – A Deck Railing Kit Could Make Installation a Breeze ...

Choose your deck railing design based on your finances and the style of your home and deck. Different types of deck railings allow for different design techniques. Wood deck railings are easy to add built in benches and planters, while aluminum deck railings are easy to maintain and clean.

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For inspiring ideas go for a walk around the neighborhood and observe the many different landscapes and deck building techniques used in your area, or visit your local library and glance through a few books on building a deck.

Deck railings are usually a requirement, especially if the deck is 30 inches above the ground or higher. A patio deck or garden decking may not require them. There will be a specified amount of space between spindles (balusters) to prevent children from falling through as well. Find out these building codes and requirements by contacting your local building department.

Deck Railing

A variety of deck railings are available for your deck building needs. On this website you will find out about them and their benefits as well as some disadvantages. If you have been looking for vinyl or aluminum deck railings, then please visit the corresponding pages.

For an easy installation process look into buying deck railing systems or railing kits. These both come with all the needed supplies and step-by-step instructions for building them yourself. If you can afford it, hire a contractor. This may ease your worries of a guest plummeting to the ground.

In any case, most decks require railings and safety is their most important function.


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