Wood Railings – Oak and Cedar Wood Handrails for your Deck ...

Decorative and functional, wood railings are an important part of your deck. Here you will gain an understanding of wood railing components, and ways they provide security while creating character and style.

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Remember that the deck is going to be exposed to sunlight, rain, and depending on the location, snow. Durability is an important characteristic of the wood you choose to build your deck railings. Recommended types of wood decking materials are cedar, pressure treated pine, and certain types of redwood. Be certain that the wood you choose will live up to the area's weather conditions which differ area to area.

Functional Wood Railings

Careful placement of wood railings will provide security and safety to all those utilizing the deck.

Check with your local building codes to be sure that the required measurements are met. To request this information visit the local building department.

Decorative Wood Railings

People tend to believe that wood deck railings are boring ... this is true at times, but is not always the case. There are many ways to make them classic, contemporary, and unique.

Adding decorative post caps and finials to your handrails are merely one way to give this structure life. Other ideas include having the posts hand-carved into designs and shapes that suit the property's exterior.

Wood Railings

The Components of Wood Railings are listed below.

  • Handrails
  • Insert Rails
  • Posts
  • Post Caps
  • Balusters or Spindles
  • Finials


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