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Stone patio designs using the new breed of interlocking color-textured patio paver stone products offers style, long life, affordability and change flexibility.

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Paver Patio Ideas. Paver patio stones offer a wealth of stone finishes and textures, plus colors and strong hard-wearing (4 times stronger than concrete) interlocking cross-hatched patterns. Like voters “voting with their feet”, home owners are “voting” for paver patio stones over finished concrete or treated timbers due to the paver stone’s superior strength, classier looks, long life and overall affordability!

1st Step In Stone Patio Design – Getting The Best Contractor. You know what you’re looking for in terms of general stone patio design “concepts”, but you want the very best artisans, who can demonstrate experience, exceptional work standards, and a long list of satisfied customers.

* Interview a handful of firms. Ask for examples of stone patio designs and paving ideas, customer references, job sites where you can look at work crews and installation.

* Obtain copies of a contractor’s license, workman’s comp insurance, and general liability and accident insurance.

* Check you local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau for evidence of customer complaints. Avoid unpleasant surprises.

Stone Paver Design

2 nd Step In Stone Patio Ideas – Layout Design And Select Paver Patio Stone. Are you simply replacing an existing patio or driveway…moving from concrete, gravel or grass into a bolder classier look based on paver patio stones? No longer want that old fashioned concrete plus brick edging look? There’s a whole new world of paver stone ideas, colors and textures, bold patterns and shapes to consider.

3 rd Step In Stone Patio - Site Demo And Foundation Preparation. The very best in stone patio ideas begin with removal of your current material, scraping down 4” to 7” or more in order to prepare your patio or driveway for an engineered foundation.

* Focus Areas. You’re looking for level, true-grade, measured space that will create the substrate for your stone patio foundation, as well as work with your property’s shape for drainage.

4 th Step In Stone Patio - Construction. Your stone patio design is set. Your home’s site is prepped. Your favorite paver patio stones have been delivered. Here’s what to expect:

* Measurements And Stake-Out. You want a true level foundation, so you’ll need your entire site carefully staked, and leveling strings in place. Target? Bringing the “grade” or elevation to a precise mark around 3” to 4” below the final grade (subject to the height of the selected paver stones).

* Sand Fill And Grade. Sand is spread, then carefully leveled to create the correct elevation.

* Creating Your Stone Patio Field. Your pattern is set into a work “field”, beginning in the center then flowing across your site. The edges come last, the details created by PVC pipe which is installed in order to define the edge. To reinforce your edge, a shallow parallel concrete trough may be poured to keep your patio’s shape and level and to prevent spreading.

* Compacting For Finish. The “field” is compacted, then dry sand is spread over the field, re-compacting follows to shake the sand into every crack. Result? A compact, tight, interlocked stone patio that won’t bulge or buckle, yet will absorb shocks such as earth tremors with energy absorbing flex..

Stone Patio Design “Finish” Décor. The best paving ideas require the best craftsmen. Make sure that your contractor water-tests your new stone patio design for proper drainage.


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