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Patio porch swing covers extend the life of your porch swing. Rain, sun, pollen/dust, extreme heat and bitter cold temperatures take years of the age of a patio swing. Learn how to choose a patio swing cover and the best materials to use.

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Damage from Environmental Elements

Patio porch swings face many environmental elements such as rain, ice, sun and extreme cold. These elements dry out wood, many times leading to cracking and fading. Below zero temperatures may cause plastic to crack. Rain and metal do not mix well as rust is a common occurrence.

Moisture from rain or humidity leads to mold and mildew growth on outdoor furnishings. Over time, mildew and mold may rot wooden materials. The best way to prevent damage is by eliminating exposure to the elements. Patio porch swing covers prevent rain and snow from damaging wood structures. They also protect colorful patio swings from fading in intense sunlight.

Finding Swing Seat Covers that Fit

Before ordering a patio porch swing cover, take full measurements of your patio swing. Porch swing covers come in a variety of lengths, widths and heights, so you need to find a size that completely covers your outdoor patio or garden swing without fitting too snug. A snug fit may rip or tear in heavy wind or under piles of snow.

Patio Porch Swing Cover Materials

Most patio porch swing covers include canvas with a PVC coating to add a beneficial waterproofing layer. The PVC coated materials generally come in many colors or striped patterns that fit our outdoor patio décor.

Look for covers that also have UV protection. This helps keep sun out. Not only will it ensure the color of your cover doesn’t fade, but it protects the wooden, plastic or metal swing from exposure to sunlight when covered.

Swing Covers

Choose patio porch swing covers that use a fast-drying material. If water dries off the cover quickly, humidity is less likely to develop under the cover causing problems with mold, mildew and rusting.

Things to Avoid on a Swing Cover

Avoid patio porch swing covers that have seams at the top of the cover. Under the weight of snow and ice, the top seam is the one most likely to tear open. Once the cover has ripped, snow and ice can get in and damage your outdoor garden swing.

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