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When buying porch swing cushions, the material must be fast drying and relatively water-resistant. You may have the best intentions of making sure your outdoor patio swing cushions come inside during inclement weather. However, unexpected rain or snowstorms wind up soaking your lawn swing pillows. Airborne dust and pollen stain fabric cushions. Many of these troublesome issues make it hard to keep swing cushions for an extended period of time.

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Dense cotton pillows require time to dry out or mildew grows. By choosing a porch swing cushion set that dries quickly and resists water, you benefit from resistance to mildew. By purchasing fabric protection sprays, you aid your porch swing cushions in retaining their vibrant colors and repel dirt, dust and pollen. Your cushions last longer, saving you money.

Look for Canvas Coated in PVC

For the best waterproof quality and durable cushions, purchase canvas. Many companies coat their canvas in a light coating of PVC. PVC helps repel water making it a great addition to any outdoor patio or backyard. PVC coated canvas porch swing cushions resist wear from dust, dirt and pollen. Canvas is thick and durable. The fabric retains its strength even after years of use.

PVC coating also helps block harmful UVA and UVB rays that fade fabric colors. Fabric porch cushions will look great, even after months of sun exposure.

Choose Pillows Filled with Dacron

Dacron pillow stuffing resists mildew growth. Check any outdoor porch swing cushion tag and make sure Dacron is listed. You can choose other materials, but they are prone to developing mildew. Even if you cannot see the mildew, you’ll smell it every time you sit down. Dacron is highly recommended for outdoor pillows.

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Fabric Protection Sprays

Sprays like DCS 19 and Stainguard help repel water stains, beverage stains and pollen/dust build-up. Covering your outdoor swing cushions with a coating of protection sprays helps fabric retain the original quality. Many people find themselves purchasing new cushions every year, but if you take care of the fabric cushions, you’ll have them for many years.



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