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Garden porch swing glider furnishings provide the comfort of an outdoor garden swing without a bulky frame. The swing rocks gently on gliders located underneath the bench seat. You end up with a cozy seat that resembles a bench but adds in movement.

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Garden Porch Swing Gliders vs. Patio Swings

Patio swings either hang from a frame or attach to a beam or tree branch. Once installed, they are difficult to move, and in many cases require new hanging hardware if you are relocating the swing. Alternately, you move the frame to a new location after removing the swing. Reinstall the swing and then make sure the framing and swing are level. It is a lot of work.

Garden porch swing gliders move easily from location to location. Two people lift the bench to the new area and set it down. The glider swing is ready for use in minutes.

Sitting on garden porch swing gliders offers advantages. There is no overhead beam where you might hit your head, especially if you are tall. Glider swings have no chains or ropes preventing you from using the glider arms

Focus on the Glider Brackets

Never purchase a garden porch swing glider that comes with plastic brackets. While they may seem better because they cannot rust, they are far more likely to crack and wear with frequent use.

Choose metal glider brackets on your lawn swing glider. Providing you keep them lubricated with oil like WD-40, the glider brackets will not rust or wear.

Porch Swing Glider

Garden Porch Swing Glider Models

Like other outdoor garden swings, glider swings come in wood or metal. Metal swings may be easier to find, but pay attention to the form. Lawn swing gliders’ seating that uses plastic or vinyl straps tend to wear quickly. If you know how to replace the straps on outdoor furniture, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, the glider becomes useless because they seating material is missing.

Wooden garden porch swing glider models last a long time. Pay attention to the type of wood. Cedar will last longer than pine. Pine is generally less expensive, but requires waterproofing treatments to prevent mildew growth and the potential to rot or warp.


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