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When patio porch swing replacement parts become necessary, you may find specific parts are difficult to locate. The cost of a new outdoor garden swing exceeds many budgets, making it imperative that you fix your worn or broken parts.

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Common patio porch swing replacement parts include nuts and bolts, wooden slats, chains, ropes and canopies. Here are some tips on finding replacement parts for a porch swing.

Contact the Lawn Swing’s Manufacturer

Providing the company that manufactured your outdoor garden swing is still in business, they may have replacement parts available. It never hurts to call or email the company where you purchased your garden swing for help.

If the swing is relatively new, many companies offer free patio porch swing replacement parts under their warranty plan. Otherwise, expect to pay for the part and the cost of shipping and handling. It is still going to cost less than purchasing a brand new lawn swing.

Take the Hardware to the Store

While people may have a general sense of what patio porch swing replacement hardware is necessary, the size is critical. Don’t estimate it at the store and hope for the best. You will end up disappointed and forced to return to the store for the correct bolt, nut, screw or brace.

Remove the worn or broken part and secure it into a Ziploc bag. Take this bag with you to the hardware. Feel free to ask store personnel help for matching the size. They handle these requests every day. You’ll return home with the correct patio porch swing replacement part and have your swing fixed in little time.

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Finding a Replacement Swing Canopy

One of the parts most likely to need replacing is an outdoor garden swing’s canopy. Companies like make it easy to find patio porch swing replacement canopies.

They design and sell replacement canopies in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. In addition, you can search for a replacement by entering your lawn swing’s original manufacturer and model number. If the model you own is not listed, they will try to track it down for you. Best of all, they charge a fraction of what a new swing costs.

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