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A hanging outdoor garden swing seat make the most of trees in your backyard living area. Using a sturdy branch, tree straps and hanging hardware, your hanging garden swing chair gives you optimal views of your yard while creating a cozy nook for afternoon relaxation.

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Hanging outdoor garden swing chairs requires only a few minutes time. Learn how to safely hang your new swinging chair on your deck, patio or garden area.

Safety First: Choosing an Area for your Swinging Garden Chair

No matter where you choose to hang your new outdoor garden swing seat, you must pick a beam or tree branch that is at least four inches wide and four inches high. On a deck, a four-by-four inch beam is optimal. The branch or beam must be capable of supporting 600 pounds.

You should allow at least two feet for the swing to move around on each side without hitting walls, rails, trees or other structures. Children may swing harder than adults, so add extra space if they will be using the hanging garden chair. Choose an open area where their will be room to safely swing.

Structure of an Outdoor Hanging Garden Seat

A hanging garden chair contains the seat tied to a wooden spacer at the top. This wooden spacer helps shape the seat’s opening creating the seat shape and providing a gap between the two chair arms. At the top of the spacer are sturdy ropes that end in metal rings. These metal rings hook onto hook systems or tree straps installed on customized frames, tree branches or deck roof beams.

Hanging Chair

Hanging your Swinging Chair

The most important accessory you must purchase is a set of tree straps. These straps wrap about your tree limb or beam eliminating damage to the wood. You can use a metal hook screwed into the tree or wooden beam, but this causes stress fractures that increase the possibility for structural flaws.

Tree straps wrap snuggly around a tree and contain a sturdy metal ring where an S-hook or mountain hook joins the hammock straps to a tree branch or post. Spend the extra money on mountain hooks. S-hooks may slip off the metal ring if the outdoor hanging garden chair swings heavily. Mountain hooks snap on, eliminating the chance for the outdoor garden swing seat’s ring to slip off.

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