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Teak porch swings provide elegance and beauty to any outdoor living space. This hardwood option grows in areas of Asia. Timber contains natural oils that provide the wood with water resistance and protection to temperature extremes. With teak, stains and waterproofing treatments are unnecessary.

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Ship builders use teak on deck floors because of its water resistant quality. Teak is a perfect option for wooden structures exposed to weather conditions.

Teak Garden Swings Repel Insects

In areas where termites and carpenter ants are plentiful, outdoor wooden furniture is often at risk. Ants and termites dislike teak, so you needn’t worry about structural damage to your garden swing.

Match your Landscaping Goal

An outdoor garden swing crafted out of polished teak will enhance your garden. If you enjoy themed gardens, line a patio with Asian-themed plants like Jade and orchids and add a teak porch swing and Japanese lanterns. For an all-American feel, try fragrant roses, lilacs and an Adirondack garden swing crafted out of teak.

Choosing your Teak Lawn Swing

When purchasing a teak porch swing, ask if the lumber is from old trees or younger trees. Lumber milled from younger trees must be kiln dried or the wood loses strength. Teak from older trees is incredibly strong and resistant to cracking and warping.

Teak Porch Swing

Most people choose their teak garden swings based on the form. Savannah lawn swings have high backs and flat seats. They look beautiful hanging from verandas and porches. Adirondack garden swings have a slanted seat and back allowing you to truly kick back and relax. Mission style porch swings fit in with many designs and decors

Maintaining Teak Wood’s Natural Luster

Any outdoor porch swing made from teak looks beautiful. However, over time the naturally golden color fades. Once a year, teak lawn swings benefit from a quick cleaning to remove pollen, dust, dirt and mildew spores.

The best cleaners for teak porch swings include trisodium phosphate. Always use gloves when using this cleaner. Once the wood on your teak porch swing dries completely, add a light coat of linseed or tung oil to restore the natural luster.

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