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A traditional design is the hardwood conservatory. This look is authentic and a recreation of the past.

A hardwood conservatory may be constructed of mahogany, timber, or oak. There are glossy finishes and painted finishes for this type of conservatory. Many of the paint finish colours include green, cream or white, and varying shades of brown.

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Though there will be periodic maintenance required of a hardwood conservatory ... the overall beauty will be well worth the extra time spent. The wooden conservatory was a treasured place of the royal and wealthy in the past. But, now it is a place for all to enjoy.

When constructing a hardwood conservatory it is important to determine the thickness of the frame. Because of its great effect on the structure's strength you will want to be sure that the timber or oak hardwood is thick enough to withstand the weight of the entire conservatory.

A beautiful bespoke conservatory made of hardwood is a property enhancement worth more than the monetary value. It provides a comforting place to read, write, entertain or even work.


For timeless classic appeal, hardwood conservatories are the answer. Find a supplier or contractor to begin construction. For a rewarding, self satisfying project, consider a DIY conservatory.




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