Wood Decks - Adding a Wooden Deck may increase the value of your home

A wood deck can be built with many different types of lumber. This is your online resource to wood types and their weathering characteristics.

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Some contractors will say one wood is better than the other, but always take your geographic location, weather patterns and your home's architectural style into consideration before building your wood deck.

Find out as much as you can about all of the different decking materials. Before building a deck, research all of the materials available and be sure not to forget about other options such as; Composite, Aluminum, and Vinyl Decks.

Types of lumber used for a Wood Deck:

  • Hardwoods : Sometimes referred to as Ipe, which is the Portuguese term for hardwood. They are very dense and imported from tropical areas. They are highly resistant to decay and infestation. The color hues range from amber tones to darker browns. This wood does have a reputation for being hard to work with. They split easily so they require predrilling. This type of lumber is the most expensive.

  • Mahogany : This type of wood is tricky because it is available in many different species. The species that is most resilient and can be used outdoors is the "True Mahogany". To be sure you have the appropriate species check the color. The darker reds and brown are best for building a wood deck.

  • Pressure Treated : It is called pressure treated because it has chemical preservatives propelled into the wood by high pressure. Most manufacturers will tell you that this preservative guarantees the wood to be free of decomposition and being infested with insects for up to 40 years. The chemical treatment causes a green hue to the originally yellow pine.

  • Red Cedar : With this type of wood, decks will need to be treated and sealed yearly. This is an impervious wood but some say it is quick to weather because it is soft. The colors can vary but tend to be in the light brown to pinks. If it is not treated properly it will turn gray.

  • Redwood : Redwood is a soft wood. Once weathered it will turn to a yellow but still have some red tints to it. It can be found in several different "grades". These consist of: Clear Heart, B-Grade, Construction Heart or Construction Common. The Clear Heart is the most long-lasting and is highly resistant to decomposition.

Wood Decks

When researching the lumber for your wood deck, ask yourself questions such as: How fast does it weather? How often will it need treated? What colors are available? Once you have answered those questions your decision will be made more easily.

Once your wood deck is built, you will spend more quality time outdoors. You will have a new place to rest, relax, or even entertain.


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