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When purchasing a wooden porch swing, pay close attention to the type of wood. The life of your swing depends on the type of wood used and how well you take care of it.

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Popular wood choices for wooden porch swings include cypress, pine, bamboo, cedar and redwood. Other woods are seen less frequently.

These Unique options include:

· Maple
· Oak
· Teak
· Brazilian Cherry
· Mahogany
· Shorea

Each of these less common wood choices requires different maintenance schedules and intriguing looks.

Brazilian Cherry Wooden Porch Swings

A Brazilian cherry wooden porch swing is a rich red color that eventually turns silver after months in the sun. You should keep the wood oiled or protected with a waterproofing agent. Brazilian cherry ships from South America, so wooden porch swings are expensive. However, they do look fantastic. Brazilian cherry wooden porch swings last 25 years.

Mahogany Wooden Porch Swings

Mahogany is a beautiful reddish-brown wood. It is durable and resists warping and splintering. Providing waterproofing sealants are applied, mahogany patio swings last upwards of 25 years.

Maple Wooden Porch Swings

Treat maple with waterproofing sealants when used in outdoor settings. A maple wooden porch swing is a light golden brown color that makes a perfect addition to any porch.

Oak Wooden Porch Swings

When using oak for an outdoor wooden porch swing, there is a variety of colors/woods available. Black oak is pinkish in color, while white oak is greenish. Both require waterproofing sealant for outdoors. Oak is a hard wood and withstands use well.

Shorea Wooden Porch Swings

Harder to find, shorea comes from the Pacific Rim. It is less expensive than teak and lasts over 30 years. The wood needs to weather before it loses its rougher surface.Shorea resists wood boring insects and water. Little care is needed to keep the wood looking great. After time in the sun, shorea develops a light gray patina.

Wooden Porch Swing

Teak Wooden Porch Swings

Teak is an expensive, yet beautiful, choice. The wood is resistant to decay and rot making it a great solution for outdoor living areas. In addition, teak’s oils protect screws and bolts from rust. It’s one reason why teak is a first choice among shipbuilders.

You’ll find little maintenance is required with a teak porch swing. Wash off dust, dirt and pollen from time to time. That helps keep the wood smelling fresh and looking its best.

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