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Your wooden garden swing must be assembled and installed with safety in mind. By following a few guidelines, you needn’t worry about swings tipping over or falling apart while being used.

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When a wooden garden swing falls during use, it’s usually one of five problems occurred:

  • Metal hanging hardware had a defect.
  • Overhead support beam had a defect.
  • Seating slats broke.
  • The weight in the swing exceeds the maximum limit.
  • Wooden frame rotted or cracked.

When an outdoor garden swing falls, serious injury occurs. Broken legs and arms are common problems, especially if a limb is under the swing when it hits the ground. To prevent these painful injuries, make sure you assemble and hang the wooden garden swing correctly.

Tips for Assembling a Wooden Garden Swing

Use galvanized steel hardware on your lawn swing. Aluminum does not have the same strength and rusts more quickly.

Only use screws and bolts for assembly. Nails will loosen with the swing’s movement. Tighten down all nuts, bolts and screws. Check them every few months to make sure they haven’t loosened.

Do not take shortcuts. If you are supposed to use support braces, do not skip them to save money. The swing’s strength depends on the correct use of materials.

Check the wood frequently for splintering or cracks. Replace rotting or cracked boards. Sand down rough areas to prevent splinters. Splinters are a leading cause of infections that require medical attention. Keep the surface of your lawn swing sanded down to prevent expensive medical bills.

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Installing Wooden Garden Swings

Wooden garden swings are usually installed in a garden gazebo or on an A-frame swing stand. It is important to make sure the swing’s hanging hardware is anchored into a 4 by 4 beam. A 2 by 4 is not strong enough and may crack.

Make sure the swing stand is level. Lawns are uneven, so you may need to dig into the ground to level each leg. If the stand rocks, the odds of the wooden garden swing tipping over increase.


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