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Lawn care using string trimmers, hedge trimmers or brush cutters boosts property values. In addition, they aid with pest control. A well groomed lawn requires the right tools to get the job done. Discover why these lawn and garden tools are essential to your lawn and garden.

Reasons to Keep Your Lawn Groomed

In many areas of the world, a shaggy lawn increases tick populations. Even if you live away from areas where Lyme tick are common, dog and wood ticks are equally troublesome. Ticks avoid short grass. They prefer to cling to long grass where they easily transfer onto a host. By keeping your grass short, ticks stay out of your yard. Grass around trees, fences, foundations and bushes should be weed whacked on the same day you mow your lawn.

In areas of taller grass, mice are likely to burrow. They rely on the grass to keep them hidden from predators. Many tick nymphs prey on mice in their earliest stages, In addition, if mice enter your home, they can cause untold damage to your wood framing and interior wiring.

Groomed lawns look attractive and increase your property value. Many people consider long patches of grass to be an eyesore. If you're trying to sell a home, an unkempt lawn is a major drawback. Perspective owners simply see all the work they'll have to do once they move in.

Function of Different Lawn Grooming Tools

Homeowners should have access to three important yard tools:

  • String Trimmers
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Brush Cutters

String Trimmers, also called weed whackers, are electric, propane or gasoline-powered grass trimmers. The trimmer head is at the end of a long metal pole and is covered by a protective plastic shield. Under this shield is a spool of hard, plastic line, thicker than fishing line, that whips around when the weed whacker is turned on. That hard, plastic line quickly cuts grass and weeds to an appropriate height.

Hedge trimmers, also called hedge cutters or clippers, run on electricity or gasoline. There are also manual hedge clippers that work like a large set of scissors. The trimmer resembles a chainsaw, but instead of a chain blade that spins around, scissor-like blades quickly move back and forth. The hedge trimmers are perfect for trimming and shaping hedges and small pine trees. Imagine a garden with elaborate animal-shaped hedges—that's what you can do with a quality hedge trimmer.

Brush cutters suit homeowners with plenty of land. There are two forms. One is a mower-like device quickly mows down saplings and tough weeds. It's the easiest way to clear a field without worrying about damaging the blades on small trees. Hand-held brush cutters look more like string trimmers, but have a powerful blade that cuts through thick weed stalks and sapling trees with ease.

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