Garage Storage Cabinets – Tips for Smart Storage

Metal storage cabinets are the key to preserving your 'stuff' while emptying the clutter from your garage. Easy assemble economic long life metal, wooden or plastic storage cabinet designs are perfect for your tools, spare bike parts, paint cans, and more.

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Storage Cabinets For Home Improvement Gear

* Organize Your Search For 'Gear'. Do you ever catch yourself searching high and low for that Phillips Head Screwdriver in a bin of tools or on your cluttered workbench? Or sifting through an old coffee can for the right nail? A tool storage cabinet is a great system to organize your tools and clear your workspace.

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* In-Door Garage Versus Outdoor Storage Cabinets. If garage space is tight yet you need a 'secured' lock-up for your gear, then consider outdoor models. Just like garage systems, your outdoor storage cabinets give you huge flexibility in terms of size and fitments. You might want tool racks or closed shelving systems for the bigger stuff, like an electric screw driver or paint cans that just can't fit in drawers. Plus, with open shelves, everything is neatly stored in plain sight for quick finding. You can designate shelves for specific areas of home improvement as well; a shelf for gardening tools, a shelf for woodworking tools, etc.

* Tool Storage Cabinet Choices. For the smaller tools like Allen wrenches or fine paint brushes, a metal tool chest with shallow drawers is best. This keeps tools from being lost in the depths of large, bucket drawers. Even more compartmentalized metal drawers systems are made for screws and nuts. Separate your finishing nails from your roofing nails.

Frequently used tools spend a lot of time out of drawers and on the workbench. Peg boards save you the time and effort of opening and closing the drawers for the same tool every ten minutes. Hang your most used tools on the peg board for quick use.

Other Storage Cabinet Ideas

* Plastic: Hard Wearing Low Cost Cabinet Option. Tennis racquets and baseball mitts and bike tire pumps are usually thrown back into the corner of the garage where the sports gear is sloppily kept, and it takes a lot of digging to get the soccer ball out when you want to juggle. Plastic storage cabinets are a great choice for sports gear because they usually take a lot of abuse. Modern plastic materials are very durable and won't dent like a metal cabinet will when you hastily toss the lacrosse ball to the back of the shelf.

* Wine Storage Cabinets. Give your wine collection the sort of 'white glove' care it needs by employing purpose-built wine storage cabinets. Wine is kept horizontal to avoid settling, cradled into individual bottle trays, plus you can introduce temperature-control thermostats in order to maintain the proper moderate temperature ambient conditions to gently age your wine.

* CD And DVD Storage Cabinets. Look after your valued music and film collection by organizing things in specially designed and sized storage units. You can pick from units offering from 100 to over 1000 'slots' for your expanding collection. And don't forget cool looks, since many of the contemporary CD and DVD storage cabinet designs offer rich wood, metal or even glass and plexiglass construction... to match your home decor.

* Leading Storage Cabinet Manufacturers. Garage storage cabinets by Slide-Lok, Stacks and Stacks, or Rubbermaid are quality storage systems. Storage for the garage is a smart investment. Keep your gear in great condition and organized with storage cabinets... because it's nice to know where your things are when you need them.



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