Zoysia Grass Makes Greener Lawns And Saves Time And Money

Homeowners change to zoysia grass seed or zoysia grass plugs to create a thick green lawn, with low maintenance, low water and fertilizer costs, requires less time and money for mowing and chokes out nuisance weeds from encroaching.

Getting "Green". Since being transplanted from Asia and then modified via botanical research at the USDA in the early 1950's, zoysia grass varieties have rapidly displaced ordinary fescue or Bermuda grass varieties. Reason?

Once established, and with minimal watering and extra care, zoysia lawn grass naturally produces a wide-ranging root system (rhizomes) as well as an above ground interlace of runners. In no time, all the "dots connect", the zoysia grass plugs fill-in and you get a deep, thick cushiony grass carpet.

Zoysia Grass

Why Mow So Often When You Can Grow Zoysia Grass? Every plant carries its unique blend of pros-and-cons. Since the earliest days ... 5000 years ago in China and Korea when zoysia grass was transplanted into a "natural carpeting" for rounded earth tombs for deceased ones, humans have admired the dense coverage and habitat-adaptive properties of zoysia grass. What about modern suburbia, where its lawn mowing rather than burying dead family members that occupies minds? Answer? Zoysia grass, which naturally converts its growth resources (minerals, fertilizer and sunlight) into sideways or lateral growth ... of deep root systems and equally dense above-ground lattice networking of runners ... rather than growing "up", your zoysia grass lawn prefers to grow deep-and-wide.

Result? Hold on to your gas can but you may end up reducing mowing by over 50%!

Reducing Pest Weeds And Getting The Lawn Of Your Dreams.

Zoysia Grass

Creating a solid green carpet of cushiony zoysia grass is a matter of harnessing Mother Nature. You benefit. Your house and property values benefit. But crabgrass, dandelions and other "weeds" definitely fail to join the party! Instead, these foreign "invader plants" find little joy, and no space to colonize your garden. It's in the nature of zoysia grass seed to spread tightly, occupy all available ground space, and give up no nutrient niches to the "bad boy" pest plants.

Zoysia Grass Varieties. In most temperate growing zones, from Florida and Texas to souther Michigan or lower New England, you'll get great coverage, long life, sun cold and shade tolerance, drought resistance and pest resistance from the present menu of zoysia grass seed varieties. Subject to your local habitat and temperature ranges, amount of shade, available water, you should select from Meyer zoysia grass, Emerald zoysia grass, or Empire zoysia grass.

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