Electric Dog Fences - Underground and Wireless Fencing

Keeping your dog in the yard sometimes seems an impossible task. However, all is not lost. You can install a fence that fits your budget, keeps your dog contained, and allows you to maintain the aesthetics of your property.

Dog fence is designed to contain your dog in your yard, but did you know that dog fence can be divided into two separate categories:

Fencing that is generally installed primarily for aesthetic reasons, but will also contain a dog within the enclosure

Fencing that is installed specifically for dog containment.

A list of fencing options not specifically designed for dog enclosure but can serve in that capacity would include: privacy fence, ornamental fence, picket fence, post and rail fence, concrete and masonry walls, aluminum fence or PVC fence. The usability of these fences for pet containment generally depends on the breed of the dog – smaller dogs can be contained with lower fences, but open space in the fence must be minimal, while larger dogs must be contained with higher, sturdier fences.

Additionally, these fences must often be "reinforced" with other material to prevent digging under the fence. Suggestions include galvanized mesh, which should be partially buried along the fence line, a concrete pour along the fence line, or the installation of bricks or concrete blocks along the fence line.

Fencing designed specifically for dog containment go under the names of instant fence, wireless fence, invisible fence, electric or electronic fence, and pet fence. These generally consist of an electrified wire perimeter (often buried just beneath the soil surface) and a special collar worn by the dog which delivers an audible and physical warning when the dog approaches the wire.

A third type of fence, arguably belonging to both categories, is metal mesh fence such as chain link fence. Depending on the size of the breed, you want to make sure this type of fence is of sufficient gauge (sturdiness or thickness) to withstand your pet's activity.

When enclosing a pet area, it's important to consider the exercise area such as a dog run which will allow your pet adequate area for movement.

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