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Cat fence solutions are deemed to protect domestic cats from outside backyard dangers. Each option should be weighed against the particular needs of the cat owner. Experts agree that once a cat is trained to fear the cat fence boundary, it loses interest in attempting to escape the yard.

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Cat fence alternatives include electrical systems, netting, standard fencing and repellent products. Some cat fence options may require more of an investment than other pet fence options.

The most popular solutions:

  • The perimeter of the yard space can be outlined with an invisible pet fence, or electric fence wiring system. A battery operated transmission collar, worn by the cat, discourages the animal from crossing the boundary line using a beeping noise. If the beeping noise fails to stop the cat from continuing, the cat will receive a mild static electric charge. Traditionally, the cat must undergo a training period to understand its boundaries and consequences.
  • Flexible netting screen is another pet-safe fence option. The netting screen is attached to an existing fence. It provides an overhanging net to deter the cat from jumping or climbing the fence, due to their dislike for moving surfaces. The netting will also protect the cat from other cats jumping inside the yard. Netting can be attached to masonry walls, chain link, wooden or wire fences. Netting is an affordable, option for currently fenced yards.
  • Standard yard fencing requires the most expensive initial investment and is not considered the most effective. Vinyl coated wire mesh, up to 7' high, is placed around the perimeter of the permitted yard space, stabilized with metal stakes. Fencing can enclose the entire yard or only a segment of the yard. Cats have been known to be able to scale the fence.

    Cat Fence

  • Repellent deterrents, a natural plant pet safe product, can be used to modify the cat's behavior. The repellant uses an undesirable odor to deter the cat from crossing the boundaries. The repellant is wet sprayed on perimeter or areas in the yard where the cat is not wanted. May be applied year around. Once cat is trained to avoid the area, additional applications may not be necessary.

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