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Do you want to keep your dog outside, yet protect him or her from danger? Consider building an enclosed dog run in your yard. A dog run can be an affordable option to fencing your entire backyard.

Consider the type of dog run is best for your yard: determined by the size of your dog, the size and layout of the available space and the best location. Your dog run should be conveniently located yet will protect your animal from the elements. You may want to place the dog run parallel to a side yard or stand alone towards the back.

A permanent, outdoor dog run is enclosed with a chain link fence, including a kennel or other form of shelter. A dog kennel run is easily assembled with every day tools. The size of the dog run should be selected relative to the size of your pet; the larger your dog, the more space your dog will require. Pre-packaged chain link dog run includes posts, gates, fencing and hardware.

Sun proof tarpaulins or permanent roofs are recommended to provide shade and shelter from inclement weather. Sun screens, which are attached to the fence walls offer shade from the sun and wind, yet allow air to circulate. Sun screens are affordable, durable, and can be custom fit to the length of the fencing.

Portable dog runs and kennels are available to protect your pet while you are away from home; ideal for travel, camping or house training. Made from a durable, weather resistant netting material, portable dog run fence is easy to set up and take down. It even comes with its own carry case!

Modular dog runs are an excellent option if you do not want a permanent structure. Collapsible, coated wire fence with gate can be assembled and taken down with no tools. The size of the enclosure can be enlarged by adding one or more 5' panels. Tarpaulin covers can be added to the roof to protect your pet from the sun or rain.

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