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Electric fence is meant to keep pets and livestock in an enclosure, and pest or predators out of an enclosure, through the administration of electric shock.

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There are strict safeties standards regarding the shock strength and duration – the fences are not wired directly to live current, but are connected to electronic fence chargers which administer the current in very short doses (.0003 seconds or less). The standards for these chargers include language that mandate electric fencing be harmless to a two-year old child who accidentally encounters it.

Electric dog fence, or any electric pet fence, requires at lease one electrified (charged) wire, often called a "hot" wire. If the ground contains sufficient moisture, when the animal touches the wire, electricity flows from the wire, through the animal and to the ground, generating an electric shock. The electric dog fence, given dry conditions, there may not be sufficient grounding to allow the shock to complete. In this case, a second non-electrified wire is installed to serve as a grounding point. The animal must touch the two wires simultaneously to receive the shock.

In planning for your electronic fence, it is necessary to define all of the tasks you want it to accomplish. The fence may be to keep animals in, and other animals out. The size of the animal should also be taken into account for wire placement. In some cases, you may be installing up to 7 wires, some hot, some serving as ground.

It also pays to consider the overall environment in which this protection is being placed. For instance, if the fence is installed to keep pests and predators out, it is important to know if other areas of their territory contain similar fencing protection. If so, be prepared to augment your system so it is stronger than similar systems in the area. Also, be aware of natural hazards and terrain features that may compromise your system. For example, vegetation against the wires is usually not sufficient to cause shock, but if the vegetation is generally wet, you might need to take appropriate measures to deal with the situation.

Electric Fence

Additionally, it pays to investigate the different electronic fence chargers. They come in several sizes and capabilities, from small units designed to protect pets and gardens in relatively tight spaces to units that are solar and battery powered and capable of protecting up to 50 miles of electric horse fence.


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