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There are times when a physical barrier is a poor choice for containing your pet to acceptable areas in your yard or home. If this describes your situation, there is an electronic solution to your problem.

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For 35 years, Invisible Fence® Brand has produced the "invisible fence", a combination of a perimeter wire, a radio signal generator and a special collar can be used to discourage your pet from going into undesirable or unsafe locations.

The system works by creating an invisible pet fence perimeter in which you want your pet to remain or which you want them to avoid (i.e. your flower garden). A wire is placed along the perimeter, and a radio signal generator creates a weak signal along the length of the wire. The special collar worn by your pet has a battery-driven radio receiver. As the pet approaches the invisible pet fence perimeter, the collar first issues an audible warning beep, and then issues a harmless electric shock to the animal.

This is not an install-and-forget system. Invisible dog fence manufacturers recommend a training regimen (10 minutes per day for two weeks is common) to familiarize your dog with the system. Fence systems also come with temporary flags to mark the boundary, giving the dog further reinforcement on underground fence boundary location.

Invisible fencing is a very effective petsafe fence, but be aware that like all electronic systems, this one is not foolproof. For instance, the collar operation depends on a battery that has a sufficient charge, so this must be monitored. Also, invisible fencing for dog control will only control animals wearing the special collars – it will not prevent un-collared animals from entering and leaving the property. With some breeds of dog, the fur is too thick to assure sufficient contact for the shock to occur, so that area needs to be groomed to allow the contact to occur.

Additionally, if the dog is sufficiently excited or distracted, they may run right past the fence line despite the shock. In that case, once the excitement has worn off, they are unlikely to return into the protected perimeter, as this would involve re-crossing the perimeter wire with its resultant beep and shock. In rare instances, the perimeter wire can be inadvertently broken, disrupting the signal and nullifying the collar's features.

Invisible Fence

Installation of the perimeter wire is generally easy to do. It can be attached to a surface (along a wall or fence line), buried in soil up to 8 inches deep, and can be run across driveways and walkways by cutting a small slit in the surface with a rotary masonry saw, laying the wire in the slit, and performing a small cosmetic patch to bury the wire. There are also techniques to create "dead zones" in the perimeter by nullifying the radio signal along a pre-determined stretch of wire, allowing the animal to pass freely. Installers have also used small diameter pipe or hose to protect the wire in high traffic areas.

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