PetSafe® Instant fences

If you are looking to keep a pet in or out of specific areas, and it is undesirable or inconvenient to install a physical barrier, you may want to consider an electronic barrier instead. One of these electronic barrier systems is known as Instant Fence, a wireless alternative to the traditional hard-wired electronic pet fences marketed by PetSafe®.

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A leading manufacturer of pet containment solutions, PetSafe® markets their systems directly, as well as through local distributors. Many people are familiar with the " invisible fence" concept, where a wire is laid along the perimeter of the containment area, and the pet is fitted with a collar that reacts with both sound and a harmless electric shock as the animal approaches the wired perimeter. A petsafe fence may not only come from this manufacturer.

Petsafe instant fence is a wireless system that relies on a centrally placed transmitter. Similar to the invisible fence, the animal is fitted with a special collar, and the animal is contained within a radius around the transmitter. If the animal starts to leave the protected perimeter, the collar reacts with sound and a shock to discourage the animal from leaving the area.

Petsafe Fence

Benefits to this system include fast and easy setup and good portability. As in other Petsafe fence systems, it does not keep non-collared animals out, and collar batteries must be monitored to assure sufficient charge.

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