Rabbit Repellant Fencing - Liquid Fence

Rabbit control can be frustrating. Keeping pet rabbits in their hutch or other area, as well as keeping feral rabbits out of your garden, require some planning.

Rabbits like to gnaw, so fencing has to be tough enough to withstand their teeth. Also, rabbits like to dig, and can hop over low impediments. Therefore, rabbit proof fence needs to address all of these concerns.

A rabbit proof fence needs to provide protection without harming the rabbit. Metal mesh is the traditional answer. It should be strong (manufacturers suggest 14.5 gauge or thicker), high enough to discourage hopping over the fence (three feet will prevent almost all rabbits from passing), and mesh spaces near the bottom of the fence should be no wider than one inch (prevents the baby rabbits from getting through). Additionally, an apron of similar mesh extending one to two feet laterally along the ground in the direction from which the rabbits come will prevent them digging under the fence.

In order for the fence to stay rabbit-proof, be sure that the top of your fence between the fence posts does not bend inward. Otherwise, the effective height of the fence is reduced, as is the protection. Spacing your support posts closer together will help this. Also, be aware that a three foot height is not completely rabbit-proof, so if you're looking for complete protection, install a higher fence.

Rabbit fence manufacturers have created a special fence where the mesh spacing at the bottom of the fence is one inch, but as you go up the fence, the mesh spacing gets progressively larger. This allows for good visibility and easier maintenance for the homeowner.

A newer version of a garden fence is the electric fence. With this setup, creatures headed towards a garden come in contact with electrified wire and receive a harmless but effective snap (think of a static snap after shuffling your feet on carpet, only a little stronger). The electric charge is provided by a special fence charger that produces periodic and extremely short, low amp, high voltage pulses through the wire. These fences are child-safe, although the child that touches the wire will receive the same harmless snap as an animal would.

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