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There are times and situations where traditional fencing for your dog is just not sufficient. You may be in temporary quarters, a rental situation where you cannot make property improvements, regularly shuttling your dog between two or three locations, making it prohibitive to fence all locations, or in a situation where your dog is regularly placed with a dog-sitter.

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Going wireless with a wireless fence may be an option. Have you resorted to tying your dog up, but have found that this choice involves frequent trips outside to untangle the lead? Consider a wireless fence. Is your dog open to teasing by passing children or other animals that leads to continuous barking? Keeping your dog inside can deprive it of the exercise it needs and may deprive you of the sanity you need.

There is an answer to your problem, and a surprisingly convenient one at that. There is a wireless system that can be used to contain your dog within a specified perimeter. One of the leading manufacturers of wireless dog fence is PetSafe®, marketed as Instant Fence.

The heart of this wireless fence system is a special battery-operated collar that is worn by your dog. The collar has a radio receiver, and the ability to deliver an audible beep, and soon after, a harmless static shock if the dog strays too far. The perimeter is defined by a centrally located transmitter. The transmitter can be transported easily to any location and activated by plugging it into a live electric socket.

With this system, training is a key success factor. Training is not a long and laborious process, but does involve an initial time commitment of about 10 minutes per day for two weeks or so. Training is structured to help your dog understand the appropriate action to take when the collar provides the audible beep and before the static shock is delivered.

Wireless Fence

This system is very similar to Invisible Fence® systems. The main difference between them is that this system is wireless, where invisible fence systems rely on a wire that goes around the perimeter of the area where you want your dog to be contained. The wire can be buried in the soil, run along existing fences or along building foundations. The perimeter wire generates a radio signal that activates the collar as the dog approaches.

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