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Adding a fence to your property can be an overwhelming decision. With multiple fencing and garden improvement choices available, how will you decide could you, or should you build the fence yourself or should you hire a contractor?

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If you are unsure of what kind of fence you wish to install, first make a list of why you are installing a new fence.

Are you trying to keep your property safe from intruders or need to keep the dogs from running away? Do you want to add a decorative touch or simple install a functional fencing system?

After making your list of fencing needs, calculate your budget. Are you using your savings or will you require a home improvement loan? Be encouraged to know that your fencing adventure should increase the value of your home (if done right).

Now that you have an idea about what you want in a fence, research, research and research. What type of building material will serve your needs for the most economical cost? If you are unsure what fencing material to use, consider using the same material as your house's siding. Read all professional contracts; investigate fencing manufacturers and fencing suppliers.

If you have some basic home improvement knowledge, there are certain types of fencing projects that you can tackle. Simple garden fences, pre-fabricated wire fences, post and rail, and even picket fences. Be ready to work hard. You will need to check local building codes, survey the fence line, buy all of the supplies, dig post holes, secure them in cement, and construct the fence panels. Be ready to devote several days to your project. Some steps may require a waiting period before you can move on to the next step.

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Keeping you pet safe in your yard may not require a physical barrier. Today's technology offers radio signal or "invisible" fencing.

Some types of fences require professional installation due to their complexity. Ask for a copy of their license and check with the Better Business Bureau. A qualified fencing contractor knows the fence building codes, the installation techniques, and has access to a crew to do the manual labor.

Research your gate requirements but select one based on compatibility with your planned fencing system. Automated driveway gates require professional installation but you will be able to install simple pedestrian gates.

Congratulations on your fencing project! Once completed, you will enjoy the simple barrier that a fence creates. Let your personality show in your fencing choice and do not be afraid to be whimsical!


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