Concrete Fence – high strength fencing

Concrete fence is more often used in commercial applications because of its strength, ease of upkeep, and wide variety of customized looks, but can also be used residentially. The variety of concrete fencing has grown sharply in recent years.

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Concrete fencing is not a common fence for residential use. Some of the uses that concrete fencing has been asked to provide are:

  • Privacy, security and screening
  • Sound barrier
  • Equipment or other enclosure
  • Landscape or other retaining wall
  • Walls around communities, monuments and public facilities
  • Walls used as business signs.

Concrete can be used to fence in three basic ways:

  • Components such as panels, rails, or blocks are pre-cast and assembled onsite
  • Concrete is poured or sprayed into onsite molds
  • Pre-cast concrete face pieces are applied as a veneer to an existing plain wall

Installation of concrete walls and fences is generally done by contracted professionals. Considerations such as weight, wall base preparation and landscape drainage are a significant part of preparing a site to install the fence. Improper preparation and installation can drastically reduce the lifespan of the wall, and repairs can be expensive.

Concrete Fence

In recent years, concrete components have evolved to now include many surprising styles. Concrete fences can be constructed to mimic the look of wood panel fences, stone walls, brick walls, and wood fences. These rail fences, with the wood grain cast into the components, can be painted, or color can be applied into the concrete as the components are being cast. Concrete rail fences have the ability to withstand a large amount of abuse and wear from both people and livestock.


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