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Garden fencing encompasses a variety of styles and purposes – from creating a rustic country feel to protecting plantings from wildlife to providing structural support for both soil and crops.

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Depending on your situation, you may mix several of these styles together to meet your gardening purposes.

Many people wish to beautify their garden with a decorative border that enhances carefully placed and tended plantings.

Garden fence of this variety is generally low to the ground (1 to 3 feet in height), and is not strictly designed as a protective barrier against wildlife or pets. In this category one might include reed fence, certain bamboo fence, and decorative wire or iron fencing. A garden fence would also include items such as brick or block edging that has been brought above ground level. In addition, since this is often a low barrier, the use of a gate or other opening is optional – one can simply step over the fence.

A second type of garden fence is designed to keep pets and wildlife at bay. For smaller animals, galvanized wire mesh or rabbit fence is an option. Some of these fences can be electrified to give your four-footed intruders a static shock. In addition, you may consider higher versions of reed fence or bamboo fence for a rustic look, or consider other standard fence options such as picket fence, privacy fence or ornamental fence. For larger animals such as deer, you may wish to consider the much higher deer fence for protection.

In any case, it is imperative that the garden perimeter be completely protected, that the fence is of sufficient height to prevent animals from jumping over the barrier, and that it is well supported and anchored to prevent the fence from being bent or pushed over.

Garden Fence

Often, gardens need structural support based on terrain, or you may wish to construct a raised bed garden to take advantage of the several benefits it offers. In these cases, it pays to carefully plan your support and drainage requirements, as improperly installed retaining walls often need to be completely disassembled to repair them.

Finally, you may wish to provide a wire mesh or other fence section to support climbing crops. In the vegetable garden, appearance is generally secondary to function. However, for display or flower gardens, the support structure is often as much a focal point as the plantings climbing on them. Trellises, garden arbors and even gazebos can be used in conjunction with plantings to produce stunning visual effects.

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