Iron Fence – Wrought Iron Fencing

Few fencing materials can match the classic beauty, superior strength and long life of properly installed iron fencing.

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Wrought iron fence is considered an ornamental Fence, meaning that it provides ornamentation and good visibility to the architectural centerpiece it surrounds. Iron fence also provides strong protection with an Old World flavor to even the most modern building.

Iron fence can be wrought, cast or machined iron product. Wrought iron fence is worked, or "wrought", by a blacksmith using hammer and anvil (or the modern equivalent). Cast iron is made pouring molten iron into molds, and machined iron is milled directly from an iron or steel blank. Today, given modern iron and steel manufacturing processes, the terms " iron fencing" and "wrought iron fencing" are generally used interchangeably.

Wrought iron fence installation is not usually a do-it-yourself project. Installation often requires existing metalworking and welding skills, and the fence is usually installed with other materials such as brick, stone or concrete. Mistakes can be very visible, or can seriously compromise the fence's strength, so existing finishing skill with these materials is key to an attractive and lasting result.

Iron fence components and welds are prone to rust. Manufacturers have addressed this in several ways. One is to coat the iron with a galvanized metal finish. Additionally, installers can use stainless steel welds to attach the components to each other. Rust-resistant paints formulated specifically for coating metal have been in use for years.

Iron Fence

More recently, fencing is available with powder-coat finishes that are effective at resisting wear, weather and color fading. Modern designs incorporate features that specifically minimize water pooling inside the fence components. And, fence manufacturers have begun producing wrought iron fence designs in non-rusting materials such as Aluminum or PVC.

Iron fence generally runs between three and six feet high, although more dramatic dimensions are also available. If you are considering wrought iron fence to enclose a pool area, be sure to check local building codes for fence height and between-the-rail spacing requirements.

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