Ornamental fences - Decorative Fencing

Ornamental fence is designed provide an attractive and formal air to the property it surrounds, while at the same time providing security and containment.

Often made of iron or aluminum, it can provide a backdrop or border to architectural structures much like a picture frame does for a painting.

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Like all fencing projects, it is important to establish the tasks you wish your decorative fence to perform. For security purposes, you'll want to be sure that the decorative fence height is sufficient, that the pickets are close enough together to prevent animals, children or other intruders from fitting between them, and that the post and picket tops are designed to discourage individuals from climbing over the fence. For safety reasons, pointed picket tops are usually recommended for fences that are six feet high or greater. For lower fences or for added safety, these fences can also include a top rail which covers the pickets.

Ornamental fence has historically been made of iron or Aluminum. This is because one of the defining features of decorative fence is the ability to see through them to the property or architecture behind, and iron or aluminum has the structural strength to provide both security and through-views. However, recent advances in PVC materials have allowed designers to utilize this material in some situations as well.

Ornamental Fencing

Additionally, you should consider how the fence is to be constructed. In many cases, iron or aluminum fencing is used in conjunction with other building materials such as concrete, brick or stone. Installing such systems is usually beyond the casual do-it-yourself homeowner. Additionally, consider how the fence components are attached to each other. If onsite welding is required, this will destroy the factory-applied finish in the weld area, opening the site to rust.

Decorative fence has often been chosen to enclose swimming pools. If you choose to use this style of fence for this purpose, please check your local zoning requirements to assure that you are installing fence that meets those zoning standards.

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