Picket Fences -Traditional White Picket Fencing

The white picket fence is among the most popular fence choices for the American homestead. It's attractive, easy to install, comes in a variety of styles, and can serve as an effective barrier to contain pets and children.

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The traditional picket fence is constructed of wood, and is generally finished with paint or stain. A picket fence can come pre-assembled in panels, or can be constructed onsite. Pickets can be straight, curved, or come to a variety of decorative points. Picket fence panels can feature pickets which are all the same height, or can be scalloped for increased visual interest.


More recently, advances in the formulation of PVC fences have made this material a viable alternative for picket fencing, with the added benefit of very low maintenance. It pays to purchase PVC fence components from a reputable manufacturer, as vinyl extrusion technologies can greatly affect the quality.

The picket fence provides a variety of benefits. In addition to security and containment, it provides an ornamental look to the property or structure it surrounds. Also, the fence allows a view through the pickets, so people can see what is behind the fence before entering or exiting the fenced area.

Picket Fence

Installation is generally easy to do with standard wood construction tools. The single biggest failure point for picket fences (and indeed for all wood fences) is the installation of the fence posts. Be sure to sink the posts deeply enough so the fence will withstand the lateral forces from wind, pets and people, and be sure that the wood in contact with soil is sufficiently treated to prevent early rotting.

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