Plastic fences – Practical Fencing Choices

There are a number of choices when it comes to plastic fencing, and recent advances in PVC formulation allow these fences to have a much greater longevity than in years past.

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Plastic fence refers to the construction material used to manufacture the fence.

There are many types of plastic fencing:

  • PVC or vinyl fence is a harder plastic fence material that is designed to be sturdy through years of use with very low maintenance. Examples of PVC fencing include post and rail fence, ornamental fence, privacy fence and horse or farm fence.

  • Deer fence is a strong mesh fence, usually seven feet high, specifically designed to prevent larger wildlife from penetrating a protected area.

  • Garden fence is designed to either enclose a garden, or to provide support for plantings in the garden

  • Snow fence is a plastic mesh fence designed to prevent drifting. It is usually a bright orange color, and the horizontal and vertical plastic bars creating the mesh is wider than normal mesh, creating a partial wind barrier that slows but does not attempt to block the wind.

  • Silt fence is a low plastic woven sheet that allows wind and water to pass, but forms a barrier against dirt and ground debris. This is often used during new construction to prevent water erosion of newly-disturbed or newly-graded soil.

Plastic Fence

New PVC mixture techniques allow plastic fencing to maintain its strength and color for an extended period of time. Color and UV protection is formulated throughout the plastic to resist environmental degradation. In addition, assembling and installing these fences is usually well within the reach of the casual do-it-yourselfer.



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