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All fencing is designed to outline a perimeter, provide security or containment, and many are built to enhance the beauty of the property or structure it surrounds.

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However, for security, utility or other reasons, it is also true that many fence styles feature open construction motifs to allow wind to pass easily, and to provide good views to areas of interest beyond the fence line.

Privacy fence, as the name implies, blocks the public from viewing private areas. Of course, a privacy fence will mark boundaries, enhance security, and can be very attractive additions to your property. Additional benefits of privacy fencing also include wind reduction, sunlight control and noise attenuation, to name a few.

Wood is the traditional building material for many of the styles of privacy fence.

Included in this mix are:

  • Stockade fence, where vertical pickets are nailed right next to each other, forming a wood panel. These panels are then attached to posts.
  • Board fence, where vertical boards (wider than pickets, usually 4 to 6 inches in width) are nailed right next to each other. A board fence variation is that one board is nailed to one side of the horizontal rail, and the second board is nailed next to the first, but on the other side of the rail, staggering the boards and creating open space between the boards.
  • Basket weave fence, where small slats of wood are woven together to form the panel. These panels are usually bordered with heavier dimension wood.

Privacy Fence

A combination privacy fence style is also available, where the majority of the panel at the bottom is a vertical board privacy fence, but it is topped with wood-bordered lattice, giving some visibility over the top of the fence while allowing wind to pass through as a gentle breeze.

Wood privacy fence is subject to the conditions affecting all wood fences. The major failure point in most wood fencing is the post – either it is not sufficiently sunk into the ground to provide effective support, or the post section that is underground is insufficiently treated to resist rot. Additionally, maintenance such as painting, staining or waterproofing should occur periodically to keep the fence in good shape.

Other privacy fencing options include stone, brick or concrete for a very permanent and durable structure, PVC fencing for easy installation and very low maintenance, and chain link fence with PVC slats running diagonally through the chain link mesh.

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